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«I am happy to greet all the participants of the “EIDOS” heuristic Olympiad!»
Базалийская Н.П., учитель английского языка, лицей ЛОРД
Эвристические олимпиадыАнглийский язык2005 Говорят ученики и учителя


Результаты VII-й Всероссийской дистанционной эвристической олимпиады по английскому языку

18 января 2005 года

Говорят ученики и учителя (на английском)

Протас Иван 6 «А» класс гимназия № 62 г.Новокузнецк :

1. When I have read through olympiad tasks, I have felt, that they are not so simple. I had an idea that it is necessary to apply a maximum of efforts for performance of problems. And then I have got all encyclopedias and dictionaries what are at me and my friends.
2. In the best way at me the task about long American Indian names has turned out. It simply shine because I managed to think up names for native which precisely describe their character.
3. And here the most difficult task, this task about favourite places of a sound (w). Why it the most difficult, yes because in one dictionary and the directory, I unfortunately have not found the information.
4. The most productive way which I have applied in this Olympiad, is the help " the Directory of the schoolboy for 5-11 classes ". With his help I managed to find faster the necessary information. Now I know, that the book the best source of knowledge
5. During Olympiad I sometimes recollected, that there are those who does not participate in it, and thought, that they have lost much.
6. I became even more original because now my knowledge of studying English language and English culture have extended
7. What was it? In my opinion, it was one of the most difficult Olympiads in what I participated. In the future I would like, that time at me would be on preparation more.
8. Will pass some days and the most important my memoirs on this Olympiad will be that unfortunately I have not executed all tasks and has not passed to the following round.

Сазонова Евгения, 7 “Г” класс, гимназия N3, г. Иркутск

When I had read the olympic tasks, I felt that all my parts of body grew numb with the fear. I thought that I couldn’t do this competition. But I collected myself and went to take the books. Cooler of all I did the task number two. It is peak of my sagacity, because this task is very interesting. The task FAVOURITE PLACES is the most humdrum, because I haven’t rich fantasy, I think. The most productive method of execution of those tasks is the help of my sister. Now I know many of the words. During the olimpiad, I remembered people, which didn’t take the part in this competition. I thought that they are lucky. I became more insane, because the olimpiad is cause of not getting enough sleep.
What was it? I think that it was absolute insanity of my minds. In the future I don’t want to see this olimpiad so big and difficult.
Millenniums will pass, but I will never forget this terrible competition especially the tasks.

Ведерникова Ника, 9"М" класс, гимназия №12, г. Новосибирск:

I have never participated in such projects, therefore it was very important to try myself. As for me, participation is even more important to win. You need to have good imagination and fantasy to accomplish the Olympiad. Olympiad helped me to realize that my imagination is not good enough. To my opinion, the most challenging task was "ХВОРОСТ". Though I have not accomplished it. I still made me very interested in it because I realized that I have never paid attention on the similarity in the pronunciation on some Russian and English words.
It was interesting to observe, how bewilderment and confusion of the first minutes, were replaced by excitation and passion of creativity. In the beginning, I very experienced, I forgot so easy word, I can’t concentrate, I think smth like that: "Oh! My God! I don’t understand it! I want to put the paper with questions in my bag and go out from the class! Oh! No! I can’t do it coz they can think that I don’t know English! But I little bit know it! I must show them that I can speak English! I must do it! Lets go!» When I did my fourth task I tried to remember all information that I know. First, I wrote about all sorts of things but later I removed unnecessary things.
I think well to write Olympiad it is necessary to be an American journalist with the diploma of the historian and skills of the visionary. Me it is still far before, but I think that my work is not bad!
Plans for the future: I’m going to learn English more intensively and communicate with people from different countries for having skills in dialogue.
Offers: I advice you to carry out such Olympiad every year. It is cool!

Шведов Михаил, 9 класс, Лицей им.М.В.Ломоносова:

I learned to find information faster,I understood that Idon't know all of English because there were some troubles with exercises.
The most interesting exercise on my own was the first "ХВОРОСТ" because I always interested in sources of words,mostly in sources of foreign words.
I have been finding the answers in my head,have been remembering information that I've got on our lessons.
I can't think up an anecdote for a long time.
The olympiad's exercises entertained me for a long time,it was very interesting that school knowledge of English helped me to answer all questions.

Елисеева Вера, 9 «Б» школа №72, г.Новокузнецк:

My principal result-I can value myself, my abilities for English language. I understood that it isn’t so easy, how I think in the beginning. My favourite task is “Oh, MY GOD!”, because it helped me remember my best summer holidays again. I executed all the tasks only with my mind and protit by my abilities in this subject. I felt everything: some difficulty, some interest and some inclination for tasks.
Thanks for that olympiads, whose our thinking.

Нургалеев Эрик 8 "А" класс, школа № 9, г. Казань:

I think this test is a good way to check the level of my knowledge. I’ve known some interesting facts about the language.
I can distinguish the third task, because I’ve found it the most interesting. I could show my creation and imagination.
I can’t say that the tasks were too easy; of course, I had to think for a time to find answers to all the questions. At the end I could do everything.
Frankly speaking, the test was not very easy and in all the tasks I had something to think about. To my mind, all the difficulties and problems in our lives can be solved, that’s why I tried to answer to all the questions.
I have no any reprimand to the organizations of the Olympiad, because the tasks were interesting and it’s interesting to know the results as soon as it possible. I’d like to take part in something like this in future. Thank you!

Газизова Фарида 9 "А" класс, школа № 9, г. Казань:

Great feeling of getting free of the weight of the whole world on my shoulders – as after every olympiad. However, it doesn't mean that doing the tasks is boring – no, they are as interesting as always. But they really make you shake and concentrate – like a hunting cat that had fallen to the river. Anyway, it gives you something new, always – something different.
An anecdote is hard to make up if you have no sense of humour.
What about the people without any great impressions in life? It'd be hard to do the "Oh, MI GOD" task for them.
Others are wonderful. But why not to give more strict instructions about languages? I think it would be better to write all the tasks in English – since it's English language olympiad.
The voices in my head tell me to stop –
Goodbye – till next olympiad!

Максимюк Ксения, 11 класс, г. Белогорск, Амурская обл.

Dear organizers,
I am writing to you from a far away (though small, but quite bold) town called Belogorsk.
At the beginning of my letter I’d like to pay candid respects to you on the occasion of the fact that thanks to our boundless brilliant talent, you have to expend a great deal of strength and precious time to correct all these crazy works. Actually, on seeing the list of participants, my eyes filled with tears: “Darling, my darling jury, you are put on such a heavy burden! You are so unhappy! I really feel pity for you!”
But, frankly speaking, when I saw the tasks I felt sorry for myself even more. No doubt, these tasks were extremely interesting and extraordinary, but I had to strain every nerve to fulfill them.
When I sat at the work I forgot all my wishes: eating, drinking and, I am sorry for openness, during this work I never left for a “ladies’ room”. You see, my muse is so fearful that it can disappear because of the only little moving. I really devoted myself to this business!
When everything was over I felt both some void inside me and satisfaction with myself.
Having sent the letters I turned in with a peaceful conscience.
That is all. Good luck!


P.S. Everything was really cool! Thank you very much.

Шамшинурова Жаната, 10 "В" класс, лингвистическая гимназия "Best", г. Петропавлоск, Казахстан

I have realized that it is better not to waste my time.
the most interesting, I think, was the task about goblins & film, because it was unusual to retell the film in an informal language.
I used the expressions, which were learned by heart not long ago, & I were very happy that I could use them in an appropriate way.
When I have read the tasks I shrunk from fear & wanted to turn into an ant that nobody noticed me. But when I began to write I felt relieved.
I am of the opinion. The most devil-may-care thing, which I have done, was the story about goblins, because I used such words, which, I hope, I never repeat again in a loud voice. It was really above my comprehension, I was proud at that I could feel that I am a real gobbling.
The task about proverbs was rather dull; the reason may be in my unskilfulness of complaining the proverbs.
The coolest method I have used was my contrivance to think ambiguously.
During the Olympiad I thought about people who couldn’t participate in it. To tell the true, most of them don’t see any prophets of perspectives in taking part.
I have become rather pretty stupid indeed, because in real life I am serious, & if you saw the eyes of my teacher when she was reading my rubbish, you may understand me.
In the future I would like to see the free-writing tasks, which will cover to you all horizons of bestowal.
The days would past like white horses on the heaven but I promise I would never forget about…how do you think? No, not about goblins! About the expression of my teacher of English, Olga Vasiliyevna, I know she thought: "Some rotten thing happened with this girl".
Антонова Алёна 10 "Б" класс, гимназия № 1, г. Стерлитамак
May be it is a standard phrase, but these tasks were really interesting for me. But it was a bit surprising for me because I didn’t expect them to be so unusual and not typical of those we do in our English lessons. But I like to do difficult tasks and try myself in new types of work.
I’ve already heard The Beatles’ song “Yesterday” and I like it very much, but now I looked at it from another side – I was looking for different types of grammatical forms. This helped me to make this task.
But most of all I liked the task “21st century: the beginning”. I had a lot in my heart to say about these terrifying events and now I have had this opportunity. Thank you.
I’ve got a lot of new experience while doing these tasks and, I think, it will help me in the future.

Корнеев Станислав, 11 «Б» школа 72 г.Новокузнецк:

Well… Its almost time to stop now… It is already very late, I’m tired, but happy, really happy, you know, like a kid, who was presented with a big colorful toy! The olimpiad is completed, the mission is over and my soul, free from everyday routine wants to thank the center “Eidos” for this little pleasure, that was like a drop of water in the desert for me, it gave me some sort of a stimulus to create something new and unusual to vary the casual life, replace the gray colors to bright ones. You know, this is the last time I’m participating in this contest (I’m in the 11th form, ufortunatly) and all I want is to wish you good luck and keep going, because your deal is eternal…

Татаренкова Каролина, 10 класс, г. Белогорск, Амурская обл.:

Have met somehow Brezhnev, Reigan and Tatcher
Also began to argue, whose country is better.
- The USA is better, because we have democracy and
to each our citizen are given equal
opportunities - speaks Reigan
- No, Great Britain is better - Tatcher says- at us is
Centuries-old traditions and symbol of unity of our nation - our queen.
- Russia is better - laconically concludes Brezhnev.
- Than it is better? - are surprised Reigan and Tatcher.
- Than others - answers Brezhnev.
Bearded joke.

I ‘d like to tell you about my impressions concerning the Olympiad. I liked it as a whole. More precisely speaking, when I got to know with Olympiad*s tasks, , I was horrified at first, because of being unable to make up my mind to start my work, as it created great impression on me. In the second, the most reckless task was to translate a fragment of a Russian film into English in the Goblin way. And I’m satisfied with what I have created. By the way, task N1 ( “MY MOST English words”) did not arouse a lot of my interest. However, during the day of the Olympiad, I worked with the help of the Internet dictionary and I revised all the previous material, and I’m really thankful to you for it!!!

How to be spoken, when I was solving one of the tasks I was thinking about those students who had already taken part in this Olympiad before, and envied them!!! I can say that I understood it is necessary to use dictionaries to enrich your vocabulary.

Nevertheless, there were several disadvantages. The first one is stringent restriction to typing and dimensions. It was awful to follow it. The other problem was absence of preliminary information about requirement before the registration. I was so tired that I even did not want to continue my work, because it palled on by the last task.
However, next time I would like to take part in this measure again. Time will pass, but I will certainly remember this moment with pleasure, because it was an unforgettable experience. Thank you for such an interesting, uncommon and prominent Olympiad.

Веселова Елена Ивановна, руководитель методического объединения учителей иностранного языка, Центр развития образования (ЦРО), г. Белогорск, Амурская обл.:

Dear organizers of the heuristic Olympiad,

To begin with, I’d love to explain to you what our educational establishment (the Centre of additional education) means. It’s the only one in the Far Eastern towns that provides the population of our town and the district with different educational services connected not only with learning foreign languages. The thing is, our listeners are temporary persons who apply for our help either to improve their knowledge of the language or to be prepared for entrance exams. We haven’t chosen the best among them to take part in your competition. We’re aimed at making the listeners understand through participation in various contests that there’s no limit to perfection. The following grooks are taken as the mottos of our work:

1. The road to wisdom?-Well, it’s plain and К мудрости путь – по ухабам ошибок;
simple to express : иди же и носа не вешай:
Err ушибы, ушибы
and err и снова ушибы,
and err again но реже,
but less и реже,
and less и реже.
and less.

2. Problems worthy В задачах тех
of attack ищи удачи,
prove their worth где получить
by hitting back. рискуешь сдачи.


Лишь те задачи
достойны схватки,
которых никто
не клал на лопатки.

So, this Olympiad is one of the steps on our road to perfection.

However, И все же,
I’d like to know хотел бы знать,
what this whole show постичь,
is all about понять,
before it’s out. успеть составить мнение,
пока не кончили давать
все это представление..

. Despite our participants are just beginners in serious English, we wouldn’t like to be on the list of the worst.
Only hoping isn’t what Только надеяться -
gives us strength to cope. мало толка.
Let us only hope; but not И все-таки,
only only hope. разумеется,
надо надеяться;
но только
не только надеяться.

If to be serious, I still can’t understand the aim of making both the participants and their leader nervous, feel scared to death not to catch the very last moment to send all the letters on time. Why not give several days to have enough time to create brilliant ideas to give pleasure to all the persons concerned? Such tough requirements discourage potential participants (I mean grown-ups who might be in charge of all this) from taking part in your interesting contest. So, the main scourge of this Olympiad is lack of time. Personally, I, being a coordinator and a teacher of English in one person, had no time to follow both the procedure of designing the works and sending them to you off by the required time. One more thing should be mentioned. January is not our month for such a case. Three of the best listeners are at the regional Olympiad now; the date of its carrying out has concurred with yours. And the thing I’ve realized is that your contest is only for the most brilliant and experienced at the language children.

As for the tasks themselves, the most difficult were given to the 8-9 form age group, especially N1 and N2. The most interesting were solved by the senior students .Creative persons were deeply involved in the process of work, but much depended on their interests and knowledge of the subject in Russian.
There’s one more moment which is worth pointing out .My children could have been able to illustrate their tasks. Alas…The drawings were out of the question: they would have occupied much room even if they had been put in separate files. The time limit prevented us from realizing our possibilities .The matter is, our establishment isn’t free. That’s why the children couldn’t stay there for long. Unfortunately, they learn in different schools and shifts. The students may have problems at schools because of their being absent from classes. Moreover, computers are machines and they tend to break at inappropriate moments. By the way, my e-mail was out of order, the light went off several times, computers of two children refused to work and we had to rush to the other places to continue our creation.

But these are our problems, not yours. You should continue arranging such competitions, as they show children the road to perfection not only in a foreign language, but in their own one.

We’re grateful to you for giving us a chance to compare our strength and knowledge with a lot of creative persons from other parts of Russia and abroad.

Томилова Светлана Владимировна – учитель английского языка:

Hello anyone who is reading whether the cleverest or the silliest of this creative works made by our best pupils. This is the first time when I can see and watch this exciting and amazing process
And I was surprised very much of original tasks and extraordinary imagination of our students.
1. Of course I hope like all of us that the results will be the best.
2. The most difficult for our students was the limited time to prepare so many tasks.
3. It is a pity, but I could not present during the whole process, but I know that it was too hard to create so clever masterpieces by our genies children. And they have worked with pleasure.
4. I can not suggest anything interesting.
5. The most helpful for our students were dictionaries and their sense of humor.
6. I said that the worst thing is limited time, it seemed to me that it is not honesty.
7. We wish to have tasks in time next time.

Базалийская Наталья Павловна, учитель английского языка, лицей ЛОРД:

I am happy to greet all the participants of the “EIDOS” heuristic Olympiad!
We are from Kazakhstan and are very happy to take part in it.
When I read the tasks I was a bit scared of the level of them. I thought them terribly difficult for me, but our students always prove to be more inventive, more creative and more humorous than we, teachers are. The tasks of a creative level were of less difficulty for our students than the tasks connected with grammar or word- formation. Actually, we didn’t have any idea of how get prepared to the tasks of the kind, but we had to consult various dictionaries and encyclopedias. The problem was the difference in time, we hope that next year we will receive the tasks beforehand and will not sit too late. I do believe that the Olympiads of the kind assist better knowledge of English, development of creativity and long lasting cooperation.


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